About Us

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

Why now? Because across the world, a sexual revolution is taking place. Freed from stigma, stereotype and shame, a new generation of enlightened human beings is setting out on a journey to reclaim their sexual freedom and challenge the boundaries of sexual convention.

Weloveplugs is on the frontlines of this revolution, carving out our reputation as a sex-positive brand that educates, entertains and empowers people to discover themselves through storytelling and information. We share articles about love, relationships, sexuality, reproduction that not only inform but also offer (hopefully) a new perspective, introduce readers to new experiences and help them find your inner erotic authority.

Life is too short to miss out on some of the best feelings ever - the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure, deep loving connection and exploration! This is why we are committed to do our part to provide resources for everyone to free themselves from fear and taboo, get to truly know their bodies and be able to live these experiences in a whole new way.

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