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If you enjoy having your testicles manipulated or are simply searching for something to enhance your sexual experiences, continue reading. Ball stretchers might just be the perfect solution you're looking for. But what is a ball stretcher, you ask? Ball stretchers are unique male sex toys that fit over the testicles, just beneath the penis, pulling them away from the body. This stretching exposes more nerve endings by pulling the skin of the scrotum taut, increasing its sensitivity and receptivity to stimulation.

Ball stretchers are engineered to pull your testicles away from your body, producing a pleasurable sensation from the pressure. To get a feel of a ball stretcher, form a circular "OK" sign using your thumb and index finger. Wrap your fingers around where your testicles connect to your body. Gently pull down on your testicles, resulting in intense pleasure. Picture this sensation during sex? The experience is elevated!

Ball stretchers offer various benefits:

Genital Stimulation

People primarily use ball stretchers for the sensation they provide when worn. If you enjoy the feeling of your testicles being tugged, a ball stretcher is worth considering. These devices tug on the sac, creating pressure and stretching the skin, activating more nerve endings.

Certain people also get immense pleasure when blood rushes back to the area after removing a firm material ball stretcher.

Others simply cherish the sensation of their testicles freely moving between their legs or coming in contact with their partner during sex.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ball stretchers give the impression of a lower hanging scrotum, temporarily stretching the skin to create 'lower hanging fruit’ or giving a pushed-up look under clothing — working similarly to a push-up bra, adding extra oomph and enhancing the mound.


Certain designs aim more towards humiliation, control, or discomfort – essentially elements of BDSM play. These are typically referred to as cock and ball torture devices.

These types of ball stretchers are generally rigid, like metal, and might even feature inner spikes to tease the skin. However, don't be discouraged by these as they aren't the norm, and not all designs serve this purpose.

How exactly do ball stretchers work?

These are simple gadgets designed to pull your testicles down, away from your body. As it pulls your testicles away from the body, it offers more movement and swing, which can be pleasurable. Your partner might enjoy this sensation, too.

Putting on a ball stretcher:

This largely depends on the style you opt for, but it's important to ensure your body is warmed up first. If you're cold, your scrotum will naturally tuck up inside your body, making it extremely difficult to put on a ball stretcher. Warm up your body with a hot bath/shower or some physical activity.

Before putting one on, you should also massage and stretch the scrotum skin. Accomplish this by rolling your fingers on the skin and manually stretching it. For best results, hold each stretch for about 45 seconds to ensure ample stretch and blood flow.

When you're sufficiently warmed up, applying some lubricant on the inside of the stretcher and on your skin helps. A water-based lube is recommended as it's compatible with all toy materials.

For loop-style ball stretchers, stretch it out wide and insert your testicles through the loop one at a time. Once they're through, you can slowly release the loop onto the skin. Avoid letting it snap down, as it might cause discomfort.

Adjustable or fastener styles are simpler, as you can wrap them around and pull down your scrotum as much as possible to fasten it. This might require some practice, and you need to be extra cautious not to catch your skin in the fastener or tug any pubic hair.

Regardless of the style you choose, remember to take it slow, use lube, and exercise caution. And don’t forget to remove it after 20 minutes until your body can handle more.