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Whether you're ready to explore the realm of intense pain or you're an avid fan of exquisite torture, our selection of CBT toys holds nothing back. Experience the absolute thrill with ball crushers, lockdown devices, stretchers, and humblers, which rank highest among BDSM devices. Join these with BDSM bondage ties and sex toys such as clamps or ropes to push your BDSM sex beyond the ordinary!


CBT play, synonymous with cock and ball torture, is a form of sexual activity that involves the application of pain or discomfort to the male genitals. This practice, a favorite among experienced BDSM enthusiasts, incorporates painful sexual acts including ball crushing, urethral plugging, genital squeezing, and anti-masturbation. Reach these extreme sensations with our range of CBT sex toys.


If you're on the receiving end of CBT, you're likely a masochistic submissive. You may gain sexual satisfaction from physical pain, erotic humiliation, or the knowledge that your dominant partner takes pleasure in your torture. Moreover, your genital area is packed with sensitive nerves and stimulating them with BDSM devices can ignite a flood of endorphins, resulting in a state of extreme euphoria.

However, be mindful that CBT play poses certain health risks and can result in injury if not performed appropriately. So, always incorporate safety measures in any BDSM activity. To ensure safe CBT play, utilize specially designed cock and ball torture toys made for CBT.


We provide a broad assortment of cock and ball torture equipment suitable for various types of penis and scrotum manipulation.

Ball stretcher

Our CBT-designed ball stretchers come with adjustable screws and spikes that are sure to provide the desired pain by pressing into the soft skin around your testicles. Pair theseball stretchers with other accessories like weights andleashes to heighten your positively painful CBT experience.

Ball torture devices

These exquisite BDSM pain toys, largely made of stainless steel, are distinctively designed for CBT. The devices, known as ball crushers orballs squeezers, have an adjustable screw mechanism for controlling the intensity of pain, while also preventing your testicles from retracting upwards when nearing climax. Resistance is truly rewarding, especially against the backdrop of the torment endured prior to the release.

Spiked chastity devices

These devices are designed to keep your cock in a non-erect state and are ideal for anti-masturbation and anti-erection purposes. Your dominatrix can secure your submissive cock in ashort CBT cage, or elevate the pain with 'spikes of love' which amplify discomfort at any sign of an erection. Use thismicro chastity cage paired withKali’s Teeth (a spiked cock ring) for the most pleasurable punishment.

Humbler device

Ideal for intense testicle play, a humbler is a restraints device that restricts a male submissive's movement. It is made up ofwooden oracrylic bars that clamp down at the base of the scrotum and is positioned behind the thighs. The addition of cuffs fastened around the ankles forces the submissive into a humble all-fours position, as trying to stand up would cause a severe pull on the testicles thus leading to extreme pain.

Urethral plug

If you're acquainted with urethral sounding, stimulate your penis' tip from the inside with oururethral plug. It’s a spiked glans ring equipped with a hollow urethral sound. Attach the ring down your shaft while inserting the sound into your urethra, ensuring security by tightening the screws with an Allen wrench.


Cock/penis torture toys introduce a new range of BDSM punishment techniques you can employ to inflict humiliating pain on your submissive. Here’s how:

Inflict pain withfemdom CBT toys

Incorporate femdom play with cock torture toys like cock cages and crushers fitted with nails and screws which you can adjust to enhance the level of inflicted pain. Tease your submissive, watch as he writhes, and tighten the screws to impede an erection.

Lock him up

Ourlockdown system is perfect to trap his balls, cock, and anus while boosting blood flow to the region. It comes with an adjustable cock ring that applies pressure on the penis tip, a ball divider that also stretches the scrotum, and an anal plug. Given that this device requires a partner for proper fitting, you’re in the perfect position to deliver the painful discipline your submissive deserves.

Apply ball weights

Condition your submissive with thisall-in-one BDSM torture device that includes a ball stretcher wrapping around the scrotum to stretch his balls. Tighten the screws for agonizing denial and let the weight pull and hang on his cock.