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It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog; this is a phrase that perfectly describes the matter with penis size. While penis length and girth are important, we believe that knowing how to use what you have is all you need. Nevertheless, we know that for men, living with the philosophy that bigger is better is the norm. Therefore, we've developed penis sleeves and penis extenders to add some zest to your sex life.

A penis sleeve is not just about enhancing your length and girth – it also adds textures and vibration effects, making it more than just a sex toy. It has a hollow opening to envelop your shaft and transform it into anything you want. These penis extenders or cock sleeves are great for couples – they help you add inches to your size and make reaching your partner’s G-spot a breeze.

But you don’t need to have erectile dysfunction (ED) or a small penis, or even be struggling with premature ejaculation, to enjoy these magnificent male enhancement tools. Just put them on like a condom and kickstart your new sexual adventure! No matter what type of penis extender you settle for, remember to apply enough lube both inside and out for an exceptional experience.

Penis sleeves aren’t solely for those with ED. Even fully functional men can indulge and enjoy these enhancements. Perhaps your penis is averagely sized but doesn't reach your partner's G-spot, or you simply desire to give your partner a fuller experience during intercourse. Or, you're involved in a role play that requires a bigger penis. Whatever the situation, a vibrating penis sleeve will surely spice up your sex life.

If you experience ED, using a penis sleeve can help you regain control of your sex life. In cases where you can't maintain an erection, a hollow dildo can provide an artificial erection, ensuring you can please your partner. Moreover, a sleeve is an effective tool to prevent premature ejaculation, helping you last longer in bed due to the reduced sensitivity.

Don't fear discomfort or pain – penis sleeves are designed for your pleasure and comfort. Always follow the manufacturer's instruction to prevent any possible harm. If you opt for a thick penis sleeve, help your partner adjust to your new size.

The best penis sleeve for you depends on your goals. There are many options for improved sexual health and enhanced pleasure. If you're seeking thickness, a girth enhancer will do the trick. If you need more length, a penis sleeve is your go-to. And if you're fine with your sexual health and just need more pleasure or a different sensation, try a vibrating penis sleeve with an inbuilt massager.

Always use lube with your penis sleeve – the type will depend on the material of the sleeve. Silicone and hard plastic materials can be used with silicone or water-based lubes, while if your device is made of rubber, jelly, TPR/TPE, or any other realistic feeling material, a water-based lube is preferable.

Having the right fit for your penis sleeve is crucial. If the sleeve doesn't have a ball strap or harness, ensure it fits snugly. To get the correct fit, measure your penis from the base to the tip for length and use a soft tape to measure the girth.

Maintaining good hygiene with your penis sleeve is key. They are not disposable like condoms and should be cleaned appropriately to avoid breeding bacteria. Use warm water and a good soap to clean your sleeve, then finish off with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

If your sleeve is made from a soft material like Cyberskin, apply a renewing powder after cleaning to maintain its original look and feel. And yes, depending on the material, you can use your sleeve as a masturbator. But don't forget your lube!

Lastly, always communicate with your partner about using a penis sleeve during sex. Be honest about your reasons and make the conversation about mutual pleasure. If you're looking to add some extra girth or want to play with some new toys, consider ordering a penis sleeve today!