Simple Ways and Ideas to Reignite Your Sexual Activity With Your Partner

If you want to keep the flame of love burning, you must try new things from time to time. Some couples get bored with routine and need to experiment with new activities in bed.

Try the following tips so you can reignite your sexual activity with your partner:

Try trying new positions

Many couples in the third or fourth position are already tired; you try one or two that he likes the most and one that she likes. It is a routine that becomes monotonous because you practice it every time you have sexual encounter. The Kama Sutra shows 64 sex positions; try using a new sex position in bed to make the feeling different.

Keep the lights on or off

If you always have sex with the lights off, try now with the lights on. A survey of more than 1,500 people found that singles prefer to have sex with the light on. Simultaneously, people who were in a relationship prefer to have sex with the light off.

Men are very visual, and you will love to see her in bed doing bad things, increasing her arousal.

Try some Bondage

The BDSM stands for “Slavery, domination, discipline, sadism, submission, and masochism.” It is a practice that can encompass many things, where handcuffs, lightweight bras, and gags can be used. Sometimes, one partner always prefers to be dominant, and the other prefers to be submissive. Changing roles can help you give your relationship another focus.

If you are a beginner, try soft ropes as your partner could easily injure himself. Also, don’t tie too tight knots that could cut off circulation; the idea is to make things safe for both of you.

Share your fantasies

If you want to try new things in bed, you can start by asking your partner about your sexual fantasies. You should build a safe relationship where both of them feel confident talking about these types of topics without feeling embarrassed.

Talk dirty in bed

If you do not feel sorry, you can use dirty words and see how your partner will be more excited. You have to let yourself be carried away by your emotions, and at the moment, do not be afraid to tell your partner what you want to do to him or what you want him to do to you.

It shouldn’t always be a loving relationship; you can be wild in bed from time to time.

Get tough

Sometimes these types of games can be intimidating. According to a recent survey, 62% of women have reported that you like rough and tough sex. In this case, you can include: biting, pulling hair, choking, slapping your breasts, face, spanking, etc.

Remember to be very careful when choking, scratching, slapping, or holding your partner not to hurt him.


You can try doing oral sex and swallowing the ejaculation. If you or your partner have objected to this activity, you can do it to ignite your activity in bed. If you don’t like it, you should know that semen is 97% water and has 2% sperm; its metal taste comes from zinc.

If you feel that your partner’s semen tastes strong, you can improve it by eating fruits and fruit juices.

Anal play

For many people, anal sex is taboo; some women do not like this practice and feel a lot of pain. Some couples tend to make some mistakes when you do anal sex. Among the mistakes is not using enough lubricant; remember that the anus is not self-lubricating and is tighter.

You should start small, first with a finger and a lot of lubricants, then when you are ready, you can penetrate with your penis. You can use some sex toys to cross that taboo line.

Go to a bar

You can play as if you are both single and go out to a bar and pretend you don’t know each other and start knowing each other as if it’s your first time meeting.

Watch each other while you both masturbate

Some people are not comfortable talking about masturbation. Be confident with your partner and try masturbating and let your partner see it; you will see that your partner will be very excited and want much more. You will be able to see and discover how your partner touches his penis or vagina and thus will be able to do it in the next sexual encounter.

Do a massage exchange

After a long day at work, who doesn’t want a good body massage? Look for aromatic oils, candles, relaxing music, silk sheets and make the massage different and unique for both of you. This is a way of enjoying your place’s body and that you feel good and can relax.

Can dress up

Play with your partner and find a costume for your next sexual encounter. Roleplay is also a new adventure that both of you will enjoy; you can use:

  • Employee and boss
  • Tarzan and Jene
  • Student and teacher
  • Guard and prisoner
  • Coach and cheerleader
  • Knight and damsel
  • Doctor and patient

Change power roles

As mentioned above, couples are dominant; there may be a change of roles and the submissive control during the night. You can take the initiative, talk dirty, and choose positions; you will feel for once what it is like to be in your dominant partner’s place.

Try new places

If you want to get out of the routine, you can find new spaces for your sexual encounter. Get out of the bedroom and try somewhere else in the house; your sex session can come to the couch, kitchen, dining room table, desk, shower, pool, balcony, car, floor, etc.

Use something tasty

Add some food to your sexual encounter, such as marshmallows, chocolate syrup, strawberries, liquor, whipped cream, etc. You can also use an edible lubricant and be careful with the foods you use in the vagina because you can cause fungus. Have good hygiene!

Use lubricant

You can use the lubricant in your sexual encounters; it is not just masturbating or having anal sex. You can use it for vaginal sex, and it will be pleasant for both of you.

You can find the lubricant in 3 presentations:

  • Water-based lubricant: It is ideal for sex toys and condoms.
  • Silicone-based lubricant: It is dense and silky; it is a long-lasting lubricant. Ideal for aquatic and anal sex.
  • Oil-based lubricant: It is long-lasting and silky, ideal for toys and masturbation. It should not be used with condoms.
  • Organic lubricant: Has natural ingredients and can be used with toys and condoms.

It must be spontaneous

Any time can be ideal for your sexual encounter, do not wait to get to the bedroom. You can try while you are making food and have sex on the counter. Are you on the couch watching TV? Interrupt it and ignite the spark with kisses and caresses.

Try sex in public

Feel the adrenaline of having sex in public and being discovered. You can have sex in your car when you are in a parking lot, public parks, walks, beaches, etc.

Make an intimate video

You can cheer up and make a porn scene and watch it later. Remember that you must have a lot of security with this type of material to protect your privacy.