How to use a chastity cage (on you or your sub)

The idea of encasing your penis in a cage may not appeal to everyone. But to some people who possess a penis, it’s the ultimate form of submission to someone they serve. Of course, you must be safe, especially if you don’t know how to use a chastity cage.

Male chastity describes the act of attaching a device to your cock that prevents you from masturbating or having sex–this can also be done by your lover or Dom/me in service to them or an event like Locktober. Most chastity devices stop you from being able to get an erection. That’s half the fun.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like fun to you. What’s the point in not getting off after all? To each their own, and for some people, the act of serving their dominant in any capacity is hot, even if that means being chaste. Male chastity is so popular there’s an entire month dedicated to it in the kink community.

If it’s something you’re interested in trying, whether it’s wearing your own device or using one on someone else, we’ve done the work to help you get started.

Getting started with a chastity cage

Being safe while using a chastity cage

Within the BDSM community, there is a very important acronym you’ll see a lot; SSC. That stands for Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Safety is always important when using any new toy or bondage item, so let’s ensure we know what we’re dealing with when it comes to the material your new cock cage is constructed of and how it functions before using it. 

What materials are chastity cages made out of?

Depending on which style you choose, your cage can be made from silicone, ABS plastic, or metal. Choose whichever material works best for you and your body, just be sure your skin is not irritated by the material. If you’ve used sex toys created from these materials in the past, you’ll be okay. Remember, you’ll likely be wearing this item next to your skin for extended periods. Make sure to communicate with your partners about their comfort and yours.

Chastity key safety

Most cages come with a lock and key. You can choose to hand over the key to your Dom/me or other trusted keyholder, but you’ll also need to secure your emergency key somewhere else for safekeeping in the event you need to unlock your cage.

You could choose to use something such as a safety seal or zip tie in place of the padlock if that feels safer to you. Just keep a pair of scissors nearby to removal. If you cage comes with two keys, we suggest putting the second key in an easily findable nonkinky place.

There are ways for your Dom/me or keyholder to ensure you don’t use your emergency key unless you’re given express permission. If this is part of your chastity contract, you can add to the scene a number of ways. Try sealing it in an envelope with a wax seal, placing it in a lock box with a combination only they know, or something undesirable such as inside a jar of honey. They’d think twice before sticking your hand in there to retrieve it just to masturbate.

However you and your keyholder choose to accomplish your goal, make sure you are both comfortable with the situation. The most important thing is safety and consideration. No matter what your dynamic is, when someone says stop, it’s time to stop.  

Getting ready to use a chastity cage

The design of cock cages varies almost as much as cocks themselves. Most, however, consist of the same basic components. There’s a ring that goes around your cock and balls, a sheath for your shaft, and locking pins to secure them together.

Depending on the design of your cock cage, some of these components might come as a single piece – locking pin and ring as one, for example. Others have the whole thing as one piece on some designs. You’ll need to take some measurements on yourself before ordering your cage in order to get the best fit.

How to measure your cock for a cage

Measure the length of your cock with a tape measure. Place the end of the tape under your cock at the point where it meets your balls, then lay your member on the tape and read off your measurement from the tip. If you want a more restrictive experience, you can go a little shorter than this measurement, however, if it’s your first cage, or you’re worried about discomfort, you can go a little longer.

Regarding the size of the ring, this should be neither too big (if it is, you’ll be able to slip your cock and balls free with ease), nor too small (if it is, you’ll be uncomfortable, and the ring might pinch). The best cock cages come with a selection of rings, so you can try them on and find the one that fits you best. Some of the less expensive cages come with only one ring, so you’ll have to hope it fits–or you can purchase an adjustable cock ring and slip it over your cock and balls until you achieve a snug fit, then measure the resulting diameter.

Should you shave before wearing a cage?

Most men find they want to do a little manscaping before caging to make things a bit more comfortable, but not too much. Shaving bare can cause more chafing, so you may find trimming to be optimal. 

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How to put on a chastity cage

1) Clean, clean, clean

Make sure your cock is clean, dry, and completely flaccid. If you’re turned on by the prospect of getting into your cage, try taking a quick cold shower right before you get started or placing a cold pack (never place a cold pack directly on your skin, use a towel as a barrier) on your penis for a few moments before you begin. You could also indulge in a masturbation session right before you get started to relieve yourself.

2) Put on the ring.

If you have a one-piece ring, insert your cock first, followed by one testicle at a time so that when you’re finished, the ring sits flush against your body. If your ring comes in two parts, you can close it around your cock and balls instead. Be careful not to pinch yourself! For this step, it’s okay to use a little lube as it may make things go a little smoother. If you’re finding it difficult to slip your cock and balls through the ring without a lot of pain, then you may need a larger ring.

3) Enter the sheath

Feed your cock into the sheath. You may wish to use a little lube to make this easier. If you would rather keep the sheath dry, you can line it with a stocking or other hosiery, slip your cock in, then pull the piece of hosiery out through the tip. 

4) Secure everything and lock up for play

Attach the sheath to the ring with the locking pins. Once you’re comfortable with how everything has gone together, secure it with your padlock or zip tie.