Why is silicone better than rubber?

Latex, although much cheaper as a raw material, is an organic substance and will react with oils, mild acidic substances, even water and body fluids and will quickly deteriorate. Anyone who has had experience with latex toys knows that you can’t expect them to last for very long.

This gradual breakdown of the surface will create an environment ideal for harboring bacteria and the heat and moisture needed to sterilize latex toys actually harms them even more. Latex will also lose its moisture over time to shrink and harden considerably.

I decided to use only Silicone when I discovered that the reason the particular large, imported toys I had been buying were being made from a type of latex. Not one has survived more than 2 years and one began to “peel” after only 3 play sessions. Silicone, in addition to being long lasting, strong and flexible, transmits body heat much more efficiently and therefore makes it more comfortable to play with as well.