Why Choose Male Chastity?

There are many reasons to choose male chastity. Many couples choose chastity to bring each other closer and introduce more intimacy into the bedroom. There are also many couples looking for something new to try, or something to reignite the spark between them. Most commonly, it is between couples trying to help their partner fulfill a lifelong fantasy of theirs. It is also used by strict BDSM couples for control and to further their kinky experience.


Individuals and couples experimenting with the chastity lifestyle all come from different backgrounds, and all have different reasons for trying it. With all this diversity, there is one common fact shared amongst nearly all of them – once they’ve tried it, they’re usually hooked! And the more educated you are about chastity, the more fun you can obtain from it.


Now to answer the question of Why Choose Male Chastity?. The most predominant reason behind this is to bring couples closer together. Chastity is one of the fastest ways to bring two people closer together than they ever thought imaginable, both romantically and intimately. It will take a dull ember and light it up into a bonfire if used properly.


The second most common reason is to help their partner fulfill a lifelong fantasy. While these two reasons usually go hand-in-hand, it is not always the case. Chastity is a common fetish shared by many individuals; however, it is viewed as “taboo” because many choose to hide their desires. If you’re reading this because of your partner coming forth with their desire for chastity, they really want to engage in this activity with you.


So what causes this spark to go ablaze between couples? The psychological impact of chastity itself. Once the male is locked in chastity, in a very short period of time he will feel an immense urge to please his keyholder. He will obtain genuine pleasure out of helping his keyholder, and selflessly making him/her happy. The keyholder also receives a more upbeat and pleasant partner whom is willing to go out of their way to help them and ensure they are happy. Needless to say, this usually results in both partners overall happiness and connection between each other to rise.