Does Sex Make Your Muscles Weak?

It’s common to feel tired after sex. Everyone goes through that. 


However, some people start thinking about whether that tiredness is long-lasting, and whether their muscles are getting weaker from sexual activity. 


If you’re one of those concerned souls trying to figure this out, this post is a must-read for you. 


Read on to find out everything you need to know about this subject. 

does sex make you weaker?

The simpler answer is “No!”. 


Sexual activity indeed makes you tired. However, it doesn’t make your muscles weaker in any way. 


Think of sex as an exercise. Just like you get tired during a workout, you get tired during sex. Depending on the position and duration of the intercourse, most of your back and leg muscles are being worked out. 


Depending on the position, your shoulders and arms could also be working out a lot during sex.


So, it’s perfectly normal to feel tired after you’re done. 


However, just like exercise doesn’t make your muscles weaker in the long term, sex doesn’t, too. 

can you have sex before a physically busy day?

Many wannabe experts say you shouldn’t have sex before the day you’re heading for physical activity, say a sports event. However, there’s no scientific study that says you should skip sex before the big day. 


It also depends a bit on your experience and age, though. 


For instance, if you’ve been married for a long time and have sex on a regular basis, your body has already gotten used to this activity. Just like how your body gets used to the gym, it gets used to sex as well. 


On the other hand, say you’re in your first relationship and are experiencing sex in your life for the first time. Then, your body is likely to get sore and tired for a couple of days after a super-hot night. 


So, if you’re someone like that and are getting ready for physical activity the day after, you might want to skip out on sex. 


But if you’re experienced and used to sex, there’s no point in skipping it. 


There’s another handy tip we’d like to throw in, though. Just like how stretching your muscles beforehand helps you deal with a tough workout, it can help your body stay strong during sex, too. 


However, make sure you’re not stretching in the bedroom, right in front of your partner. It’s very likely to ruin the mood, or even scare your partner away! 


Instead, do it somewhere else, probably the bathroom. 

the bottom line 

Sex has tons of proven health benefits. However, some novices think it makes you “weaker” — and it’s certainly not the case!


While sex can certainly tire you and make your body sour, it doesn’t necessarily make you weaker. So, other than the usual tiredness you feel for some hours after long sex, there’s nothing to worry about!


However, if you’re someone who’s new to sex, it could be a good idea to not have intercourse before a physically-intensive day, say a sports day. But if you’re someone who’s been used to it for a long time, there’s nothing to worry about. It won’t be able to make you sore enough to underperform during the intensive day.